Cymax: I Believe It's Time For New Furniture

With all this remodeling going on, I think it's time to consider new furniture. We've never had new furniture before. Usually we just get the hand-me-downs from my parents or Mike's when they get new furniture. That's been fine for the most part, but I really, really want something that matches and accentuates my new living room.

I've been looking online at various sites and have found some really great things at Cymax. What I really want is a leather couch. I absolutely love the sophistication and rich look of a dark brown leather couch. I'm just a little concerned about the wear and tear, what with having four dogs, a cat, and children who think the house and everything in it is their playground. The leather my have to wait until they get the heck out of my house for good, but in the meantime, I still want something that's mine.

And a coffee table. We've never had a coffee table, but I love what having one in a living room does for the look and feel of the room. Somehow, a coffee table just brings everything together and makes it feel more homey.

I haven't told Mike yet about my plans for new furniture. I'm sure, being the guy that he is will see no reason to spend the money since "Everything we have is fine. Why do you want to spend money on things we don't need?" Guys just have no sense of style when it comes to decorating a house, and since it's not something he needs, I'm sure there will be some discussion.

I'm not worried, though. It will happen.