More Doctors and More Meds's been a long week.

Rebecca's rash isn't getting any better. As a matter of fact, it's getting worse....and spreading. She now has it on her hands. And itch! She's up all night long itching.

So, I called the doctor back today to let her know. She in turn, called Rebecca's neurologist to confer. The neurologist called me. Then, the pediatrician called me to refer me to a dermatologist. Then, the dermatologist called me to schedule an appointment. Then, the neurologist called me back to find out what I found out. She then suggested, rather firmly, that I not wait until the scheduled appointment in case the rash was caused by her epilepsy meds. So, I called the dermatologist back and asked for a sooner appointment.

We got one for tomorrow morning.


In the meantime, the pediatrician prescribed another medication because we really think it's not a rash related to her meds, but scabies instead.

Scabies. The word itself just makes me want to go "ewww."

And guess what? Scabies is only spread by skin-to-skin contact. Guess what else? I've been helping the poor girl apply her creams and lotions for the past week. Yeah......

Thank goodness the doctor had the foresight to prescribe a few refills of the medication. You can bet I'll be taking special care in checking my body for any sign of the little buggers.

Update 6:30pm: Just got another call from the neurologist to double check on our appointment with the dermatologist scheduled for tomorrow morning. 6:30pm! I am really impressed with the level of communication between these doctors and their concern for my daughter. I can rest easy knowing that the doctors in my daughter's life are some of the best there is!