I Don't Think I Would Want To Be A Doctor

Being a doctor would be too stressful for me, I think. What with malpractice a constant thought day in and day out. The cost of medical malpractice insurance florida alone would be enough to make me think twice about pursuing a career in that field. It's no wonder the cost of going to the doctor is so high. We, as patients are paying for those insurance premiums.

Besides the cost, knowing that other people's well-being is in my hands is too much. I'd never be able to sleep. Hell, I can't sleep when one of my own children is sick. The worry keeps me up at night until they are better. I think if I were going to go into the medical field, I'd have to be a nurse. Nurses know just enough, but the real responsibility falls to the doctor. Nurses just do as they are told.

Yeah, I think I could be a nurse.