The Saga Has Come To An End


So, Rebecca's rash isn't gone yet, and the risk of her having another seizure is still raised, but, the dermatologist has determined that it is all due to a nickel allergy that started on her stomach months ago.

Rebecca wears this belt. Every day. Said belt is wide, barely fits through the belt loops on her pants. Said belt also has a metal buckle that stays in constant contact with her skin.

Again, being the loving mother that I am, I have begged her to stop wearing the belt on several occasions to no avail. "My pants will fall down!" is the answer I get. She has lost some weight in the last few months, and while this may be true, the miserable rash on her stomach, in a normal person with common sense, should have been enough to convince her to stop.

So, she continued to wear the belt. And finally, her body said, "ENOUGH! I can't take it anymore! If you won't listen to the small rash around your belly button, maybe you'll listen to a full body rash from Hell, complete with itching, burning, and hideous bumps that everyone will see!"

She has taken notice now. Oh yes, she wishes she had listened to her older and wiser mother.