What with visiting all these doctors lately, I get a kick out of seeing all the different kinds of scrubs the nurses wear. Especially since the doctors we're seeing are pediatric doctors, the scrubs are usually brightly colored and have fun characters on them.

I remember when I was a kid and went to the doctor, the nurses always wore the standard blue or green scrub. Nothing fun or colorful like the nurses wear today. I can see where it makes a child more relaxed and happy to see the fun characters on them nowadays.

And they look so comfortable, too! A few years ago, (when I could see) I made a scrub top for myself from a pattern I bought at Walmart. I still have it, although it's a bit too big for me, and I wear it as a night shirt now, but man, is that thing comfortable. I especially love the big pockets, although I tend to stuff them full of junk when I wear the shirt.

Over at, they sell scrub sets in a wide variety of sizes and styles and colors. I spent some time browsing over there and think I'm going to buy me a couple sets of the cotton scrubs to wear as pajamas. They really do make great sleepwear. I can totally understand why medical professionals wear them. They are easy to wash, too. Most stains come right out.

If I could, I'd wear them every day to lounge around in.