This is Tony, another one of our furbabies. Tony came to us unexpectedly, but has been a fun part of our family.

A couple of years ago, Mike's grandpa bought Tony when he was just 6 weeks old. His grandpa wasn't in good shape, suffering from diabetes and heart disease, but he was lonely and thought the dog would make a good companion. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse and we ended up taking care of Tony as well as his grandpa.

When his grandpa died, and since we already had three dogs, Tony went to live with Mike's cousin and his family. I was devastated. I had fallen in love with the little guy, but I agreed that another dog would be a lot of work.They had two girls and one other dog. Being a puppy, and a chihuahua, Tony was a handful. They tried to love Tony, but he proved to be too much and they called us to see if we wanted him.

I was thrilled! He had grown quite a bit since I had last seen him, but he remembered me! He came to live with us and has been here ever since. I can't say it's been all fun and games, since he does tend to have that Chihuahua mentality, but I can't imagine not having him in our lives. He's another one that loves to sit on my lap, which with four dogs, tends to not be big enough.

One of the funniest things about Tony is his bedtime ritual. He sleeps in a kennel beside our bed, and every night it's the same. I let him out one last time to do his duty and carry him to the stairs. He begins to shake because he knows what's coming. I call up the stairs to Rebecca, because she's always in her room. I say, "Tony's ready for bed!"

She comes out and calls to him. He runs up the stairs and jumps in his kennel, waiting for his treat, an animal cracker. I keep a bag on top of his kennel as an incentive to go up the stairs and into his kennel at night. The whole show is hilarious, because he knows that the treat awaits him when he gets into bed at night.