Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy.

There are many theories about whether or not babies should watch TV. My kids’ pediatrician suggests that kids should not watch any TV until they are two years old. I have read that some doctors recommend certain visual stimulation before age two from TV such as programs that include bright colors and music. My husband and I are not super strict on TV rules for our kids, but our two year old does not really show much interest in TV. We have a six month old as well. When we were deciding which direct tv packages we wanted, I wanted to make sure we got one that included channels where we could get visually stimulating shows for our children if we want them. I know we will not be the type of parents to use the TV as a babysitter for hours each day, but I do want the option to use it for educational purposes when the need arises. My husband sometimes says that we should get rid of the TV all together, but I think we will be able to meet in the middle on this topic.