Mondays are quickly becoming my least favorite day of the week. Sundays used to be the day because it seemed everyone was always so crabby knowing they had to return to work and school the next day. It is also the only day Mike has off from work lately, and a busy day to say the least while he tries to get everything done that he doesn't have time to do the rest of the week.

However, it is becoming increasingly harder to drag ourselves out of bed Monday morning after a weekend filled with fun and activity. Mike managed to get to work today, but an hour later than he planned. And he was tired.......and crabby. I was thankful he went to work because I could feel crabbiness creeping at the edges of my nerves as well.

Tim and Becky are home sick today, as well. Becky didn't sleep well, said she didn't feel well, and made the decision to stay home. With the recent increase in her seizures, I think she's scared that she will have a seizure today due to lack of sleep. She's back in bed as I type this, trying to get more rest.

Tim, struggling with his asthma recently, is having breathing/vomiting issues again this morning. It's hard to send the kid to school when constant coughing sends him into a fit of vomiting unexpectedly. He's on the couch right now, watching TV, after nursing the nebulizer in an effort to open his airways and quiet the coughing.

Needless to say, several calls will be made today to various doctors and coaches to make appointments and notify of absences.

This Monday is not good.