Come On In, The Temps Are Fine

Woke up this morning thinking, "Man, it's really cold in here." In an effort to save a little money, we turn our thermostat down at night. Normally, it's a little chilly when we get up, but this morning, it was downright cold.

I went downstairs and looked at the thermostat.

58 degrees, and the heat was on.........hmmmm....

I went down to the basement only to learn that, in fact, the furnace was not on.

Great.  I head back upstairs and wake up Mike. I tell him the situation and he informs me that we're probably out of fuel.

What? How does that happen?

I guess old age is setting in because both of us forgot to have the gas man come out and refill the drum for the furnace. Sure enough, after checking the gauge, Mike confirmed our lack of fuel.

Got a date with the gas man later today.