This work from home thing has really got me frustrated this morning. They say that more and more companies are going the work from home route, but honestly, I don't see it. In the past, I've been fortunate enough to find jobs working from home. Some, I've gotten burned on, like the fiasco with CORA, LLC, and some, I've had good luck with, such as my job as a Quality Analyst with JLodge, but since being let go from JLodge back in August of last year, I've had nothing but bad luck trying to find another job.

This morning, I sat down to apply at a couple of places I've heard good things about, and still nada. All three places that I intended to apply at do not hire people from my state.


What do they have against Wisconsin?

Another alarming trend I'm seeing is that unless you're willing to be a customer service rep handling phone calls from angry customers, you really have no other options when it comes to working from home. Any other job is few and far between, and most likely filled already. No one actually likes fielding calls from unhappy customers. It's a thankless job, and a stressful one at that. I have always said that I would never work a phone job, but alas, here I sat this morning, attempting to apply for the very same and getting absolutely no where.

What's a blind woman to do?