Gotta Wonder How They Survive Without Us

Boy, oh boy. Sometimes I wonder how the male of the species survives on their own. I mean, I can't count high enough the times either my husband or either of my sons has come to me with something simple that they just cannot do themselves. Only Mom can do it, I suppose, because well, Mom always does it and she does it best.


Take for instance this past weekend when Mike took Tim sturgeon spearing. Remember I told you that they went out on ice that wasn't so thick, and because of this, they couldn't drive out in a car. They ended up taking the four wheeler out to be safer. The weather was cold, with 40mph winds, which on a wide open lake makes it feel below freezing. The first day, they were so cold on their trip out to the shanty, riding out in the open like that. Mike complained about his ears hurting most of the day due to the cold.

The next day, I heard the two complaining about having to make the trek back out to the shanty in the cold. They were not looking forward to it. Hats weren't enough, they told me.

"Well, duh," I said. "Use the scorpion helmets from our snowmobiling days to keep you warm on your ride out to the shanty!"

Mike and I gave up snowmobiling years ago due to his nagging back problems, but still have our helmets and all our gear. They've sat useless for years until now.

Low and behold, their ride out was much warmer, and Mike's ears didn't fall off from frostbite. It's amazing how Mom's mind works when no one else's does.