Things I Wish I Had Had When The Kids Were Babies

Working as I do from home, I come across many things that just blow my mind. Take for instance the city select stroller. Oh my God! This thing can be manipulated into sixteen different configurations, including adding additional seats and even a bassinet! It's nice and compact and even allows for jogging behind. What I wouldn't have gave to have something like this when my kids were babies.

I remember having to haul at least two different strollers in my trunk depending on what the activity was for the day. My preference was the umbrella stroller just because it was light and compact. But, when heading out for a day trip somewhere, the bigger, heavier, bulkier stroller was needed, and boy let me tell you, caused a lot of cussing.

Of course, even with all these advancements in baby technology, it still doesn't make me want to have another baby. I'll just hope that my children are smart enough to buy something like this and bring it to grandma's when it's my turn to babysit!