Living In The Country vs. Living In Town

I love living in the country. The neighbors are few and far between, and there's lots of room to roam. I like the privacy of the country, but there are times when living in the city would be nice. Like, when I want a slice of pizza for lunch, but cannot drive/don't feel like driving twenty miles to get it. Or, when it's ten o'clock at night and one of the kids says, "I need $10 tomorrow for a field trip," and I have no cash on hand. Those times it would be beneficial to live in town.

Another example is when the goulds pump in the well goes out and it costs almost $1000 to fix it. If I lived in the city, I wouldn't have to worry about wells and pumps. City water comes to your home magically. Sure, you pay more for water in the city, but what's worse: paying a smaller monthly bill, or a huge, ginormous bill when the pump goes out and you're completely without water?

Yes, I love living in the country. Big repair bills, I can do without.