Whitney Houston

The news that Whitney Houston died yesterday leaves me with a deep sadness. I remember listening to her music as a rebellious teen and finding inspiration and hope in the lyrics. She sang some of my favorite songs at that time, and the video for the song, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" just made me want to dance. I envied her beauty and talent.

It's shocking to think that at only eight years older than me, this icon is gone. No cause of death has been named yet, but years of drug abuse is surely to blame for this terrible tragedy. A person't body can only tolerate so much abuse before it gives out. I am sad that it had to end this way for her. I think we tend to put celebrities on a pedestal, thinking they are like gods who can do no wrong, especially someone like Whitney Houston, who at the peak of her career, exuded a persona of purity and goodness. We forget, they are just people like us, with real lives and problems.

As a tribute to the great Whitney Houston, I've attached her video "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."