Social Networking

This guest post from Edgardo Rosa

I am a bit of a social media junkie. I have the unrelenting urge to constantly check my Twitter and Facebook pages. Since I travel for work, it is a good way to stay connected to my family and friends. Thanks to my 4g wireless internet, I can stay connected no matter where I am. Sometimes I travel out of town and am unable to stay at a hotel that provides free Wi-Fi. With this handy dandy card, I can stay in touch with my family and stay up to date on everything happening in the social networking world. Facebook is also a very useful tool, in that it allows me to interface with my clients and seek out new potential business. Using the chat tool, I can converse with my wife pretty much anytime and anywhere. She is addicted to Facebook as well. She updates her status at least 5 times per day. She also loves to post pictures of my children. It is almost like being at home with them, although nothing is a substitute for the real thing.