Stop and Smell the Roses

I ran into my best friend today in Walmart. The sad thing is, even though we are best friends, and have been since high school, we barely see each other. Before today, I think it's been way over six months since I saw her last.

She looked exhausted, having just gotten off from an early morning shift at work and was in a hurry to get home. Me, I had the entire family with me and we were just about ready to check out. After a long morning of sitting in a gym for a wrestling tournament, all I wanted to do was get the few things I needed and get home.

But, when my best friend and I saw each other, it was like one of those scenes you see in a romantic movie where the two long, lost lovers see each other from across a field and begin running toward each other. Seriously. She left her cart sit, and I mine and began running (when I say running, I actually mean quickly walking) toward each other. We embraced and hugged. It was a touching moment.

For the next half hour, we chatted, much to the dismay of my family who stood idly by sighing loudly to express their desire to move along. There was so much to talk about, and just not enough time. Despite my desire to get home and relax, all I really wanted to do at that moment was stand in the middle of the bread aisle and play catch-up with my friend.

Eventually, we did move along, and I believe I heard clapping from one of my family members as they said, "Thank God." We made promises to get together soon, but I know how that goes. Life just gets in the way sometime.....a lot of the time, and there isn't always time for chatting and getting together. My heart is kind of heavy this afternoon as I write this because I really do miss her. I hope we can find time to do something soon, just her and I. It would be so nice to have someone other than the dog to listen to me.