Very Sexy Lingerie

One of the benefits of losing weight is that the fashion world opens up immensely. When I used to go shopping for new clothes, which wasn't very often, I'd notice that there weren't very many options available for the bigger girl. Unless you like wearing flowered tents, that is. As I've continued to lose weight, more and more options are available, and the clothes are so much prettier and more flattering.

One of the things I missed wearing pre-children is very sexy lingerie. Three kids and several years since wearing anything like that, I'm starting to browse the lingerie section in stores, contemplating buying something again. While I'm not where I want to be weight-wise yet, I'm beginning to see myself as sexy and desirable again, so I might just buy something the next time I'm out.

Don't ask me to model it for you, though. No amount of begging or pleading will ever get me to photograph myself in my skivvies, no matter how much weight I lose. I'm sorry to disappoint.