Clogged Gutters

My oh my, am I dreading the annual cleaning of the gutters at our house. Usually, Tristan is more than happy to get up on the roof and clean out all the debris and make them all sparkly clean, but since he's away at college, and the gutters are backed up already, I guess I'm going to have to get up there and do it myself.

Why doesn't Mike do it, you ask?

Because he's a big chicken baby that is afraid of heights, that's why.

We actually have these little screens on each and every gutter on our house, but for some reason, they really don't work. If anything, they allow small things to fall through and collect under there, protected from the wind. What I'd really like to get is the gutterbrush instead. This seems like a more sensible idea since it actually fills the gutter with a large brush and collects all the small debris in its bristles. I'm hoping we can do this sometime this year. Sure would make my job easier!