The Hunger Games

I just finished reading the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy yesterday, and have to say, I feel cheated. I'll try not to give any spoilers, but suffice it to say, I felt as if the author just got tired of the story and ended it with "they lived happily ever after."

Although I loved the story, all three books were great, I feel like I wasted a great deal of time reading them for that. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend the books to anyone because they were so good. I would just have to say, you've been warned. The ending is going to be somewhat disappointing. I feel the author missed a golden opportunity to continue with at least a fourth book. She started out in that direction, which in my opinion would have been an awesome book, but then just dropped the idea flat.

On the subject of the movie, I thought it was alright. I really feel that if you saw the movie first before reading the book, you'd miss a lot. It seemed to me that without the background of the book, you'd not understand some of the things that were happening in the movie. The movie really left a lot of detail out that the book provided, and there were a couple of things that were completely different than the book.

I know, I know. It's not often that a movie will mirror the book exactly, but I thought there could have been a little more detail added in the movie to explain some things. All in all, not a bad movie by any means.