Friday the 13th Started Off Just About Right

Today started off just as one would expect for a Friday the 13th. Not that I'm a believer in the superstitious, but this morning's beginning had me thinking I should start.

While getting Mike's lunch together, like I do every morning because I'm just that kind of wife, I noticed his wallet was missing. All of his things, his keys, his wallet, his phone, are usually in the same place, right in the middle of my kitchen counter, each morning. This morning, everything was there but the wallet.

He had no idea where it was. Go figure.

I tore the house apart looking for it while he stomped around yelling about how he was going to be late, and "Where the hell is it!?"

He left without it, and I continued looking. Our last stop last night was the night deposit box at our bank. So, when they opened, I called them. Lo and behold, it was there, on the ground, in the drive-through. All the money and credit cards were still in it, thank goodness.

I'm still not a big believer in the superstitious, but man, for a second there, I thought for sure today was going to be nothing but bad luck!