Security For Baby

I remember when my kids were babies/toddlers. They each had something that they carried around with them for security. Lord help us if it got lost! We never went anywhere without their security "blanket" and not a night went by that they didn't sleep with them.

Rebecca's cozy was a rag doll. It had a face that was sewn on, and a soft, plush body. I think we went through about five of those things before she finally outgrew it.

Tim's was a blanket cozy bear, I believe. It was basically a stuffed bear head with a small blanket body. He'd hold it in his right hand, and suck his thumb. I think he was almost four before he finally decided he didn't need it anymore.

I found these personalized baby gifts that would make excellent security "blankets" for small children. What's so cool about it is the fact that you can put your child's name on it to make it more personal. One thing I'd like to mention, with each purchase, you get a FREE Crinkle Bear! I know I kept my kids' favorite things for them to look at as they grow. Who knows? Maybe they'll give them to their children someday.