Prescription Glasses Online

With three people in this house wearing glasses, it should come as no surprise that we used to spend a great deal of money on eye care.

Notice I said "used to."

Several years ago, I found a cool website that sold prescription glasses. All I had to do was get the eye exam, enter it into the website, pick out my frames, and pay. Wha-la! In a week or so, my glasses would arrive in the mail. At first I was skeptical, but honestly, these glasses have been great. Mike's been wearing them for a couple of years now and has had less trouble with them than any other pair bought at an actual eye glass store.

So, here we are a couple years later and Mike finds himself in need of a new pair of glasses. Old age and all that. Well, I've been looking online and found another great site that does the same thing, only this one includes the anti-scratch coating and the UV coating for free! The premise is the same, and they have some really cool frames.

I think we're going to go this route again. I'm going to call and set up an appointment for Mike to get his old eyes examined and then hop online and order his new glasses.