Summertime and Tanning

I remember a time when all I did all summer long was lay out in the sun. You know, that was back when skin cancer was unheard of, and tanning was all the rage. We didn't worry about skin cancer. We didn't worry about wrinkly, leather skin. We just wanted to get the darkest tan possible and went to great lengths to get it. I even went so far as to slather myself with vegetable oil as if I were a country ham. Whether it worked or not, I don't remember.

While tanning is still popular, people are more and more aware of the dangers of it. Many people turn to spray tans now to achieve that sun-kissed glow rather than risk the chance of skin cancer. I've since outgrown the need to be baked by the sun, and have yet to admire the look of the spray tan on anyone, but to each his own. These days, you'll find me hidden from the sun under a big hat, sunglasses, and a thick layer of SPF. I have enough trouble fighting old age, I don't need the help of the sun to speed up the process!