There's a Spider on my Head

While browsing Facebook this morning, drinking my first cup of coffee, my forehead itched. I did what anyone would do; I reached up to scratch.

What I thought was an itch, was really an over-zealous spider, making his way down from the ceiling! Apparently, my head looked as good a place as any to stop and take a breather.

You should have seen it. Had I been on camera, I would have won the $10,000 from America's Funniest Home Videos. I threw myself out of my chair, jumping up and down, all the while flinging my head to and fro. I ran my hands through my hair about a million time, convinced he was trapped in there. I searched and search the area around my desk, intent on smashing the crap out of him. I even had to go change clothes because if he wasn't in my hair, he was surely in my clothes.

Now, here I sit, with a constant case of goosebumps, unable to get any real work done because I'm spending all my time looking for spiders. He's probably sitting in the corner laughing at me right now.