Titanium Wedding Bands

I love my wedding ring. It's a beautiful gold, antiqued band with a diamond setting. It's exactly what I wanted because Mike and I went shopping together so that we'd get what we wanted and there were no surprises. At the time (almost 17 years ago!), it was all about the diamond. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this. But, as I get older and less concerned with flashy, and more concerned about practicality, I sometimes wish we had just gotten a regular old titanium wedding band.

Titanium is durable, light weight, and corrosive resistant, and to be quite honest, some of the bands are quite stunning. I wear my wedding ring all the time, rarely taking it off. It's taken quite a beating over the years, and I'm surprised I haven't lost the diamond in it yet. I get it caught on everything.

If I had requested a plain band, this wouldn't happen.

I've mentioned to Mike that maybe I'd like a new wedding band sometime in the near future. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just practical.