Yo Mama!

Getting out of the car to go into Walmart:

Tim: Hey Becky!

Becky: What?

Tim: Yo mama's so fat, she saw a bus going down the road and yelled, "Stop that twinkie!"

Becky: rolling her eyes You ding-dong. That's your mom too, ya know.

Tim: looking at me to see my reaction Yeah, well, it was just a joke.

I guess "Yo Mama" jokes are the "new" big thing going around the middle school right now. It sounds like Tim and his friends spend a great deal of time ribbing each other with these jokes. I remember when they were the big thing when I was in school. How funny we all thought they were then.

I have to admit, that was a new one on me, and I laughed until tears formed in my eyes. It was so random and out of the blue that it took me off guard.

Of course, as a good mother should, I told him that those kind of jokes are not nice, but who am I kidding. They've been around for ages. Besides, it's hard to discipline a child when you're too busy laughing.