Tools....It's What's For Christmas....Every Year

I just spoke with my mother a couple of days ago, and I get such a kick out of her. She loves to shop, and looks for any reason to do so. This time, the conversation turned to Mike. With Mike, it's all about the tools. "What kind of tools does he need? What tools doesn't he have yet?" She's always asking about the delta tools he owns and what he could possibly use.

For his birthday in March, she bought him a bench grinder. He was thrilled, especially when he opened it and found that it was much bigger and better than the one he was going to buy himself. He put it together immediately. It now sits mounted on his work bench in just the right spot.

Now, I'm on a mission to find out what tool he'd like next. Mom is awaiting my reply as we speak, because you never know when she might come across a deal she "just can't pass up" and buy it for Christmas!