Not the Best Mother's Day I've Had

It would have been fine with me if Mother's Day had gone by this year without notice; just like any other day. It wasn't a bad day, persay, just blah. The fact that only one of my three children were home, and that Becky had another seizure, in another state, where I couldn't get to her, made it a not-so-great day.

Becky's fine now, in case you're wondering. I think the trip to Washington DC with her class was just a little too overwhelming and hot. Hot as in, 90º, hot. The chaperones on the trip did  a great job taking care of her, and for that, I am thankful. I can't wait for her to get home tomorrow, so she's safe in my protection.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday, when all of my wonderful children will be home. Of course, a couple of days of that, and I'll be ready for them to leave again.

A mother's work is never done. No rest for the weary, I always say.