Airsoft Guns Do's and Don'ts

As a mother of two boys, I am no stranger to the male fascination with guns, especially airsoft guns. For years, there have been a number of them go through our house. Some have fared better than others. Some went missing (read: thrown away) due to misuse. I've compiled a list of do's and don'ts from my experience in the hopes that it will help other unsuspecting parents avoid the mistakes I made.


  1. Don't let young children play with airsoft guns. They shoot everything, including the dog.
  2. Don't let the children play without safety gear. Again, they shoot everything, including themselves and each other and then come in the house crying.
  3. Don't believe them when they say they have no idea why the backboard on the basketball hoop is cracked. Their innocent faces mean nothing.
  4. Don't cuss too loudly when you step barefoot on the thousands of BB's the children spilled in their bedrooms.
  5. Don't believe them when they say they are out of BB's and need more. There are thousands in the carpet in their bedrooms.
  1. Do buy safety equipment for them to wear while shooting. It saves a trip to the ER when one of them shoots the other in the eye "by accident."
  2. Do give them something to shoot at besides each other. Empty soda cans work good until they get the bright idea to shoot at full soda cans. Then, it's just a big mess.
  3. Do set limits. One container of BB's is sufficient for at least a day's worth of fun. Make them pick the BB's out of their carpet if they want more.
  4. Do use the airsoft gun as leverage. It's amazing how quickly they get their chores done when you tell them they can't play with it until they are done.