Kids Bean Bag Mess

If I've told them once, I've told them a thousand times, "Don't let the dog in your room!"

For some reason, our dog, Bear, has a fascination with chewing.....everything. He's 6 years old and still chews on things like a puppy. It's a constant battle, but to avoid having to listen to the kids complain that Bear has yet again chewed one of their precious belongings (the kids bean bags are his favorite!), I put a gate up at the bottom of the stairs to keep him out of their space.

Unfortunately, once in a while, one of the children will take pity on the dog and allow him upstairs. Even more unfortunately, they forget he's up there and leave him unsupervised in their rooms. This morning, we woke up to this mess in Tim's room.

Of course by the time we found the damage, Bear was already back downstairs, oblivious to the destruction he caused overnight. He escaped punishment, of course, because how can you yell at a dog that has no clue why he's being yelled at?

Tim, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky because he was chosen to clean the mess. I could hear him for quite some time complaining about how the little styrofoam balls were sticking to everything (static cling! lol) and he couldn't get them to cooperate. My suggestion to get the vacuum cleaner to make his job easier went ignored because it was just too much work to carry it upstairs.

It was quite entertaining to listen to. Maybe now the kids will learn what the gate is for!