The Sun is my Enemy

If you've been a faithful follower, you know that I suffer from a visual impairment. It's no big secret. I have limitations, but I try not to let them keep me down. One of my biggest problems, especially in the summer months is the sun.

Oh, how I used to love the sun. Unfortunately, the sun and I do not get along anymore. My eyes are very sensitive to the brightness and without sunglasses and a Sun Hat, raging headaches ensue after just a few minutes of exposure.

My loving, sympathetic family (insert sarcasm here) are so supportive. Not only do they make fun of my big, floppy sun hat, they think my constant raccoon-face tan is hilarious.

You know, sometimes I think I'm being punished. I must have done something really bad, maybe in a former life, to deserve being the butt of all their jokes.