Okay, I'm asking for opinions/experience here. I have always been leery of weight loss pills, and I think I've mentioned that a time or two on this blog. However, after months and months of exercise and watching what I eat (most of the time), I'm stuck. I haven't lost any weight in quite some time, although I haven't gained any back, either. How in the world do I get past this plateau?

I read a review of a diet pill called Apidextra online at this link: http://www.dietpills.org/best-diet-pills/apidextra. It sounds all well and good, but I'd like to know, have any of you tried it? If so, what kind of experience did you have with it? Did you actually lose weight quicker than with diet and exercise alone?

What I find kind of funny is that people are saying that without exercise and diet, they lost little if nothing on this pill. But, with diet and exercise, they lost weight. Well, maybe they don't need the pill then. It just seems contradictory to me.