Baby Toys and College Degrees

After finding the kids' old baptism gown the other day, I got to reminiscing about things; you know how mothers are. That led me to a few hours surfing the web, looking at various baby things that I might like to buy someday for my grand babies (not anytime soon, mind you!).

What I found amazed and terrified me at the same time. Baby baptism gowns haven't changed all that much. They're still white, or various shades of white, lacy and satiny. It's all the other technologically advanced toys that caught my attention. Oh my goodness! The things they've come up with since my kids were little! I swear you almost need a college degree to play with them.

Wait. Do babies come out of the womb with a college degree nowadays?

I really feel I'm going to be completely baffled when it comes time to buy gifts for my grandchildren. I mean, I can operate a computer like nobody's business, but baby toys smarter than me, I'm not so sure.