There's a Funky Smell in Here

I'm wondering around my house this morning in search of the funky smell that seems to be just below the surface. You know what I mean, right? It's not strong or overwhelming, but it's there. I can smell it, I just can't find it.

It's like a game of "Hot or Cold." You remember that game, don't you? One person chooses an object in the room and then directs the other person to it by saying either "hot" or "cold" depending on how close or how far they are away from the object? Yeah, of course you remember. I used to love that game.

I wonder from room to room in search of the smell, letting my nose tell me if I'm "hot" or "cold." So far, I haven't located the source of the smell and it's driving me insane. The more I smell it and can't find it, the more obsessed I am about it.

I guess sitting here telling you all about the smell isn't helping me get any closer to finding the smell, so off I go in search of the source again. Have a great day!