In the Hospital Day 2

Sitting here in Becky's hospital room this morning after a sleepless night, a horrendous bloody nose upon waking, and not-so-great news from the doctor that the treatment hasn't worked as we wanted it to. It has lessened the amount of seizures she's having and the length of them, but she's still having them.

So we're upping her new med again via IV and an oral dose and spending another night in the hospital. By 'we're' I really mean - the doctor - because well, I don't have a medical degree or anything.

I hope the new dose today does what it's supposed to because quite frankly, I'm getting a bit worried with the number of pills she's taking and the fact that the seizures are still happening. Sometimes I wonder if she'll ever have a "normal" life.

Of course I'm just venting, so don't start.........

Sorry about that. Had to go push a button and document yet another staring spell.

Anywho, never mind what I was saying before. it doesn't matter anyway. I'm sure there's light at the end of the tunnel. It's just so far away I'm having trouble making it out.