I LOVE Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner!

I am not a sun worshipper, by any means. Even in the summer, I tend to stray away from the sun because I don't like how dry my skin gets, but I do like the color my skin turns with a tan. I've used self tanners over the years, but have never really found one that gave me the same "natural-looking" tan the sun gives, so usually I just do without......until now!

Living in Wisconsin isn't kind to the skin, especially in the winter. The air is dry and cold, and the sun hardly ever shines. My skin is a pasty white that borders on florescent at this point, so I decided to try another self tanner. Instead of heading out to Walmart (like I usually do), I went online. I found an awesome tanner from the makers of Jane Iredale by the name of Tantasia that's absolutely wonderful! Not only does it give my skin a natural-looking tan, it makes it soft, too! I've had people ask me if I go tanning. HA!

It's kind of funny because if anyone knows me at all, they know I despise tanning. It's a waste of time in my book, so this is perfect. Takes me literally two minutes to apply and after a few applications, I've got a tan people who use tanning beds pay out the nose for.

I even found a video that shows how to apply Tantasia.