Health Insurance - What a Joke!

Ugh...before I start, let me warn you. This is going to be a rant, so if you're having a particularly bad day, or just don't want to hear my bitching, click away. Don't read this post because I may or may not say some things that offend or otherwise create controversy. If controversial subject matter excites you, read on.

Over the weekend, I went to Walmart to pick up Rebecca's meds. Of course, I waited until she was almost out and needed them - OK, she had two day's worth left, but that's beside the point. When I got to the pharmacy, they informed me that my insurance cards had expired (I knew this, but hadn't received new cards yet) and that if I wanted the pills, I had to pay almost $400! thank you. I told them I'd call the insurance company and come back.

So, I came home, and tried calling. Of course, because it was Saturday, they were closed. I waited until this morning to call them back.

So, I'm on the phone with a very nice lady from the insurance company, who by the way was SUPER helpful (you don't get that very often anymore!), and we get it all worked out. She gets me the information I need, so I call Walmart to give it to them.

Well, if it isn't bad enough that our insurance premiums went WAY up as of February 1st, now, our co-pays for prescriptions have gone way up, too. We are paying over $100 more a month for health insurance, and Rebecca's meds (she's on four!) are more expensive, too.

Granted, I'm not paying the $400 originally quoted to me without insurance, but still. All together, her pills will cost at least $200 for a month; and that's WITH insurance! I say "at least" because I really have no idea what the other two will cost.

I guess I'm just frustrated because the price of everything just keeps going up and up, but nobody's making any more money to compensate. I don't claim to understand health insurance, politics or algebra, but the part I do understand is that my wallet is getting thinner and thinner, and God forbid anyone should get seriously ill or have an accident: you might as well just kiss your hiney goodbye. Someone's screwing the middle-class, and it's not even fun.