Shopping for Baby Gifts - Again?

OK, I am 41 years old. I'm telling you this because it gives you an idea of the age group most of my friends are in, and even though they say a lady never reveals her true age, I'm probably not that much of a lady.

But, anyway.....

I just received news that my best friend of twenty-something years is having another baby. Say what?

Alright, so they (she and her husband) only have one child. He's seven or eight at this point (that's terrible that I don't actually know!) and they've struggled for years to have another one. She's only a year younger than me, and I distinctly remember her telling me several months ago that if it didn't happen by XYZ date, they were going to quit trying.

Apparently, they didn't quit and lo and behold, she's pregnant - at the ripe old age of 40. Will she name me godmother again? Will I be picked to babysit again because I work from home and obviously have nothing better to do? Will I have to go shopping for baby gifts again? I wonder if she still has that beautiful, soft blue blanket I gave her for the first child?

All kidding and selfishness aside, I AM happy for them. They have struggled and met with disappointment so much in their quest to have a family. It's good that things finally went their way for a change. Of course, I did offer to give her one of my children to ease her pain over the years, but for some reason, she turned me down.