I Think Mother Nature Is Confused

Yesterday, we had a temperature of 72º, with thunderstorms and tornadoes. Today, we hit a whopping 45º, and wind gusts up to 40 mph. Tomorrow, a high in the lower 40's, with a chance for snow showers.

Isn't it almost the end of April?

We had such a long, cold winter, and it just doesn't want to let go. I'm so tired of this cold weather. I got out a week or so ago to start working in my garden, but haven't been able to get out since. It's either raining or too cold.

I just want a few days in a row where I can get my yard work done. I love working in my garden, and it needs help. Next week isn't looking any better. Highs are only supposed to be in the lower 50's, with rain most of the week, which means in addition to not being able to get outside, my basement will continue to be wet, with little rivers running across it.

Oh where, oh where is the warm weather?