Spring Has Sprung!

I do so love Spring! Seeing my flowers pop out of the ground and bloom into bright, colorful displays. Watching the birds build their nests in preparation for the birth of their babies. It all gives me a feeling of renewal.

I have a huge lilac bush right outside my kitchen window, and last year a momma robin decided to make her home in it. I got to watch as she made her nest, carefully placing pieces of dried grass and twigs together to make a comfortable place for her babies to grow. She ended up laying three eggs, although only two survived. It was fun watching as she took care of those little fuzzy creatures. Every time she came back to the nest from her hunt for food, two little beaks would pop up from the nest, wide open and ready. They chirped constantly when she was away, but when she sat on the nest, they were quiet.

I didn't take the nest down last year when the babies finally left the nest. I didn't want to take their home away, just in case. After a while I forgot all about it.

Just yesterday, while standing at the sink doing dishes, I noticed another momma robin in the nest. She is as fat as she could be without bursting, sure to be laying her eggs soon. She was diligently arranging the nest I left from last year, flying away every few minutes and coming back with more material for her home.

Is it the same momma bird from last year? Do they come back to the same nest to lay their eggs again? I don't know, but I'm looking forward to watching the new life she brings forth in that nest again this year.