Stupid Dog!

I can't believe it! I just cannot believe it!

My five year old black lab, Jake, just lifted his leg and peed on the Ficus tree I have in my living room!

Now, I just recently moved the living room around. The Ficus tree used to sit on top of one of the end tables, but it's getting so big that I decided to move it to the floor. It looked so pretty sitting next to the entertainment center.

As I was sitting here, posting in a forum I belong to, I hear running water. I look over, and there he is, his leg in the air, peeing on my tree! I almost lost it! I jumped up out of my chair and yelled at him. He took off like a shot to the back door. He knew he wasn't supposed to do stupid things like that.

He's outside as I type, on the chain, whining at the back door to be let in. As far as I'm concerned, he can stay out there all day. There's plenty of trees out there to pee on!

I swear. If it isn't the kids, it's the dogs!

Well, at least the kids don't pee on things...........that I know of.