Nothing New In The Nancy Cooper Murder Investigation

There have been no developments in the Nancy Cooper murder investigation as of late. The last update on the investigation was last week when police handed out flyers near Nancy's home in the hopes of finding someone who knows something.

Police still haven't released any details of their findings from a search done on the home and vehicles she shared with her husband, Brad Cooper. The details of how she died are still being kept a secret also. Speculation surrounds her husband, since he was the last person to see her alive and they were having marital difficulties. Brad Cooper has stated his innocence and his willingness to cooperate with authorities to find her killer. The couple's two children are currently residing in Canada with Nancy's family. The custody order is in effect until October.

I'm very curious to know just exactly what the police found at their residence. Did she even leave the house at 7am like her husband said? Did the police make Brad submit to DNA testing to rule him out, or rule him in? Why haven't they given any details of the autopsy to Brad's attorneys? Is it because they know he's at fault, and they want to build a stronger case against him? You would think that if they weren't suspecting the husband, his attorneys would have access to her autopsy reports, wouldn't you?

So many questions, and not enough answers. Until police release more information, we all just have to wait. It's truly a sad, sad situation. Lives are lost. Lives are ruined, and for what? That answer remains to be heard.