Do You Know About Straight Talk?

First of all, let me say that this is not a paid post. I am just a very satisfied customer, and I'm saving a ton of money each month!

I started out with a tracfone. I do not like those long term contracts with regular cell phones. The tracfone was fine, and when Tracfone came out with Straight Talk, I bought one of those; a qwerty keyboard slide out phone. I loved it. $45 a month for unlimited texts, talk minutes, and data.

Now, I've upgraded my phone to the new Nokia E71, a smart phone. I absolutely love it! It's still a Straight Talk phone and I still only pay $45 a month for unlimited everything. And, no contract!

If you haven't heard about Straight Talk, or are curious, go to Walmart. It's exclusively at Walmart or on their website. The service is excellent, and customer service is decent. I love that I save money each month over what my friends pay with their fancy-schmancy cell phones.

I can do anything they can, only cheaper!