Lew Ashby is Dead

Lew Ashby, a character I've come to have a love-hate relationship with from the Showtime series "Californication" has died way too early, as far as I'm concerned.

At first I did not like him. He was childish, spoiled, and disgusting. But, as his character developed throughout the second season, and his "adult" started showing, I started to understand his inner child. Just when I thought he could actually be worthwhile, they go and kill him off.

I'm seriously sad and angry about this. Me. A person who really doesn't watch that much TV. Me. A person who rarely develops a bond with any character. I hate myself for feeling this way about a TV character. I hate that he got under my skin like that.

I guess his easy-going, party-all-the-time attitude allowed me to live vicariously through him. Me. The house-mouse who rarely ever leaves her home to do anything more than shop for groceries at Walmart.