Dear Winter

Let me start off by saying I don't mean to be rude. I'm just not a rude person, usually. But, I think it's time I let you know just exactly how I feel about you. Now, don't take this the wrong way. I'm sure you're perfectly wonderful in your own right. Maybe it's just me.

I do not like you. It may sound harsh, putting it that way, but I can think of no other way to put it. I've said it, and now you know so there's no reason for you to stick around any longer. I mean, I guess I used to like you a little bit when I was a kid. I do remember having fun sledding down the big hill behind our house after a good snowfall.

Yeah, that was fun.

But, now I don't sled. I'm too old. And the cold makes my joints ache. The thought of going outside in this weather makes me want to cower in the corner, whimpering, until Spring.

Now, don't read anything into that last statement. This does not mean I like Spring any more than I like you. I have issues with Spring as well. It's too rainy for one. And while it's still cold, it's warmer than you, Winter. Spring does bring about beautiful flowers, and I do like that, so. I guess I do like Spring a little more than you.

So, you can go now. I don't see any reason for you to stay, since we cannot be friends. It's just not going to work out. I hope you understand.

It's not you. It's me.

well, actually it's you. So please go.