Hazelnut Mocha

I am so excited!

Why, you ask?

Because, I have just discovered the trick to making tasty hazelnut mochas with my new/old espresso maker!

What's the big deal, you're saying?

Well, two years ago, I got this espresso maker as a gift for Christmas from my wonderful in-laws. I had ideas of making cappuccino with it at that time. But, little did I know, cappuccino from an espresso maker is not the same as cappuccino from the gas station. You know what I'm talking about. At the gas station you put your cup under the dispenser on the cappuccino machine, push the button of your favorite flavor, and this wonderfully sweet concoction comes out? Yeah, an espresso maker does not do that.

So, I put it away after only two attempts at cappuccino. It was easier/better to just get my cappuccino from the gas station.

Over the last two years, I discovered Starbucks. Hazelnut Mocha to be exact. They are so yummy! A couple of days ago, I happened to think of my espresso maker tucked away in a high cabinet collecting dust.

"I bet I could make hazelnut mochas with that!" I thought to myself.

So, out it came. I cleaned it up, searched for a recipe online, and bought all the ingredients. I even bought Starbucks brand Espresso Roast coffee. I still have some perfecting to do, but let me tell you. The finished product is as good, if not better than Starbucks!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Starbucks. I will always go there every chance I get. But, in between times, I can make my own here at home now every day if I want!

And that, my dear friends, makes me very, very happy.