What Will They Think of Next?

I have seen it all. I no longer need to wonder about my dog's parentage. All the guessing is gone as to whether the neighbor's dog "got" my special baby and is the father of her wiggling, blind litter.

Now there is dog dna testing.

For a price, it can be determined the parentage of the pups, and  whether they will have any inherited diseases.

Come on. Seriously?

I mean, they're dogs. Don't get me wrong. I love dogs. I have four. But, beyond feeding, playing, grooming and vet visits, I'm not spending that kind of money on them. I guess that sounds harsh, doesn't it.

I apologize. What I meant to say is that my dogs are special to me, but if by chance one of them gets unintentionally pregnant, I'm not going out of my way, or going into debt just to find out who the father is.

I mean, is he going to pay pup support if the test is positive?