Smart Phones

I swear, phones these days are smarter than we are. Seriously. They can call, text, find the quickest route to the store, go online, chat, play games, etc. The list goes on and on. I'm not really sure about everything they can do, but I'm sure there's a phone somewhere that can do laundry and let the dog out. If there is, I want that one.

Actually, I just bought a Nokia E71 smart phone. It's pretty cool. It does all of the above (except laundry and letting the dog out, of course) and probably a whole lot more that I don't even know about yet. I'm pretty satisfied with it. It makes me feel important to have a phone that does so much!

I also looked at the htc desire hd for a split second. It seemed kind of intimidating to me, so I passed. To be honest, the Nokia isn't any less intimidating now that I have it, but I'm learning. Some days I even feel cocky, like I own the world.

Just me and my phone. Together we can do anything!

Even laundry!