Smells Like

Me: Becky, change the cat litter. I can smell it all the way down here.

I was in the kitchen downstairs and the cat's litter box is at the top of the stairs. It smelled horrible. How those kids can live like that up there is beyond me. They would live in that stink forever if I didn't tell them to change it.

Becky: OK, Mom. (Why she was so agreeable, I'll never know.)

A few minutes later I hear her coughing and gagging.

Me: How's that smelling up there?  

I had a smile on my face as I pictured her trying to cover her nose/mouth while she dumped the box.

Becky: Ugh! It smells horrible!

Me: (laughing) I bet it does. If you would only scoop the litter box regularly, it wouldn't be so bad.

Becky: No. It stank, so I sprayed some perfume to make it smell better. Some Ocean Breeze body spray. Now it just smells like Ocean Crap.

Ocean Crap. Now, there's a new scent for ya.