The Trip From Hell

Last Thursday, we took Tristan back Minnesota to college. The, what should have been 10 hour round trip, drive took us a grand total of 15 1/2 hours. Now, subtract about an hour and a half for eating and saying goodbye to Tristan and that brings us to 14 hours. Still 4 hours over what it should have been.

The roads were crappy, and obviously the northern folks had forgotten how to drive in snow. There were accidents everywhere, people in ditches, and traffic jams. I don't think we have ever prayed so hard in our lives to just make it safely....somewhere.

Actually, I'm not sure we've ever prayed, but that's another story. I'm telling you, we prayed that day!

We finally made it home about midnight. I really don't remember much after that. As soon as the bed heard we were home, it was begging us to get in.

We were snoozing soundly by 12:02.